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More than 300 people in B.C. are now estimated to have contracted measles in the current outbreak, and officials south of the border in Washington state say the number of B.C.-linked measles cases has also grown.

Dr. Greg Stern, a health officer with Whatcom County, says four members of the same family are confirmed to have contracted measles.

Infected Whatcom County family part of same congregation as patients in B.C.'s Fraser Valley

Stern said one member of the family contracted measles while in B.C. before the virus spread to three other family members.

The family is now in isolation, he said.

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A friend did this just now and I'm going to copy him thoroughly because I can.

One: I am twenty five. When did this happen. I feel more and more like I should have everything together but I don't in a serial way. But I'm not done schooling... (will never be done schooling)... I might be done in 2014 at which point, I will have taken 8 years to do a 4 year degree... but I do a lot of stuff and have always done a lot of stuff. So I can understand why it's taken so long. When you change your mind sixty times that stuff happens. :P

Career path: Geologist, sociologist, midwife, researcher, 'geographer', city planner, planning consultant.
(I could do so much good as a city planner but there's this thing, where everyone gets up and threatens to lynch the planner when they don't like what's going on... and no one ever likes what their city is doing. There is inevitably some cane shakers rabbling in the background... so how bout no. Because I don't enjoy being yelled at forever...)

Two: I think I joined the circus. One of the things I've done is get into hula hooping, which I barely do anymore. That got me in with a fire troupe which was an experience and a half. After I left that due to crazy and some legit but dealable things that I didn't deal with well, I kept up with things

That's me. :D

Three, I do tech support over the phone now, my job pays for my circusy habits. Glow fans! :D

Four, Actually. I'm not engaged anymore. ._. I'm single. Wow. Funny how fast this shit changes sometimes. 
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That's Emile Durkheim. I didn't always respect him, but I guess that would be because in my first year, I came into sociology with little regard for most of the macro theories and considered myself a micro-sociologist. (Dog! I was ignorant when I was 19, not everyone is, but I love getting older and have no intentions to stop.) Then I changed my majors, then I dropped out, then things got confusing, but after that all was dealt with, I went back to sociology.

Now, micro sociology, interaction and individualist theories aren't taught in a lot of the specialised courses. They have their own, my university called it "Identities and Society" and taking that class was basically as close as I've ever had to a religious experience. I'll explain because its relevant.

One of the first things I remember my father telling me; and I argued with him about it, was that you have a hand in everything that happens to you. He was a bit more blunt, 'everything that happens to you is your fault' was what he told me, but I prefer the other one. I responded with something along the lines of 'what if you walk around a corner and someone punches you in the face?'. After some debate it was prevailed upon me that walking around the corner does not mean you deserve the punch in the face, but your feet were the ones that walked you to the face punching, and we have to be cognisant of our role in everything that happens to us. 

The play between agency and consequence in our society is complicated and fucked up. It also necessitates the mingling of the sociology of identity and other micro-theories and structuralism (or at least, that's how I do it at this point in my life).

We, North Americans, value freedom. Some more than others, but free choice is a deeply integrated ideal within us. But I believe we've reached the point where we use personal freedom as a disclaimer, I see this as more of an American thing than a Canadian thing but we've got our own ridiculous societal idiosyncrasies.

Health Care: You have the option to purchase health care insurance in the united states. (For now). However, if you do not, you risk facing life debilitating debt should you require medical attention. Health Care insurance is both hard to get... and if you have anything wrong with you, this part necessitates that you NEVER have a hiccup in your health insurance should you have anything wrong with you AND that you have parents able to pay for health insurance for you as a child, because by the time you're an adult, it's a pre-existing condition. But health care insurance is also COSTLY. And wages are poor and unemployment is high.

That's not a choice. Its mandatory for everyone who has the ability to do it, strongly advised for everyone who can sacrifice enough or work enough to nearly afford it and an intentional trap for those who are not able, because this system requires examples of what happens to people who do not comply.

THEN, because everybody in America has the freedom to make their choices, those who aren't able to afford health insurance for whatever reason are not only in crushing debt, but they are denigrated as failures as well. But the choice is a lie.
But the choice is a lie.
When the consequences are high, and compliance is as strongly discouraged (low wages and part time disqualifying you for health insurance at your job counts as discouragement), free choice doesn't exist, and non-compliance should not be punished.

Damn. I'm a structuralist. But it goes further than that.

I believe that until our society is structured so that most people within it can be successful, we will always have problems. We know it isn't structured so that most people within it can be successful because our middle class is shrinking. We know this: these are facts we can OBSERVE.

Turning it around means changing almost all our institutions, battling poverty, and making K-12 schooling into an experience that creates confident, critically thinking adults that can engage the world and stand up for what they believe in rather than what it is. A travesty of awfulness where students are trained to be disrespected and to disrespect others: where those who wish to lead our young and help them gain the skills to survive seem to be considered sub human and our most precious natural resource (oh yeah, I went there)

Children are not considered worthy of funding. But wars are. How do we know this? Well, check: are wars funded to the umpteenth degree? Yes. Are schools? NO?! There we have it.

North Americans have an identity that is out of line with our actions, and a political system that capitalises on that. To bring our actions into line with what we say our values are, we need to wake the fuck up and take a long hard look at ourselves and each other and step up and make the hard changes and choices.

I am a strange sociologist today.
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I got the idea to post an actual entry after my abject delight upon finding an update on an old friend's life.

Winter was kind of not fun. In the sense that there was some intense personal growth that needed to be done and apparently the painful way is the only way I learn things. But I've somehow managed to swing being totally crazy and rather successful so like, good grades and networkingz is happening. Graduation might happen. ._. someday. I started school in 2006 and will probably graduate in 2014. And not with something to justify almost 10 years at it.

............ And that's just a liiiiiitle bit ... I don't know what. But lets just say I'm impressively well educated? I like saying that a lot better.

I have a cat. This is him. He's as old as time and I'd put up a recording, but no one really wants that. I'm convinced he's a time lord so I feed him and love him and stuff. Also, its the path to least noise. : P

Seriously though. All last year seemed to be about me being put into close working scenarios with people that only casually cared about my physical and spiritual health and safety. As well as many and multiple random events of OMFGWTFBBQMYFACEISONFIREWHYZOHWHYZ??!!?!!1! ._. And everyone I speak with says the same.
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Have you ever changed your eating habits for a new relationship (e.g., switched to vegetarianism, eaten more meat, etc.)? If yes, did you stick with it when you were eating out with other friends? Which lasted longer, the food regimen or the relationship?

I went vegetarian because it was easier to cook for my partner if I was, then I started thinking about it. After about a year I went vegan. So yeah... I've stuck with it.
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Hot DANG I am feeling social. Social like I have never felt being before... Well. Not really, I've BEEN social, and I've certainly been THIS social... but suffice to say, I feel pretty good.

I am going to a party tonight.

So far, I'm getting over an illness. And it's a bit freaky because I don't usually get stuff in my lungs, but hi ho, I've got shit in my lungs. I've been noticing the corealation that since moving here I've been sick more times total than my entire  life up to last april combined. Right now, I'm waiting to see if my lung gunk turns into something bad.

My parents and I moved into a place when I was very young that had dusty green mold in the corners, and my cold promptly tuned into pnumonia. So it has been established that I don't deal with strange molds very well.

If my lung gunk does some kind of mighty morphin illness kinda thing... we'll know then won't we.

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